Our Mission and Core Values

The Mission of LEARN Charter School Network is to provide children with the academic foundation and ambition to earn a college degree.

Learn Charter StudentsWe firmly believe the seeds for college success must be sown and cultivated early in a child's education. As a network of college prep elementary schools, we lay the foundation for our scholars to succeed in high school and beyond. The results to date are strong: 95% of LEARN alumni attend college-- 71% attend 4-year colleges or universities and 24% attend 2-year colleges.

LEARN’s educational program is guided by five Core Values that define and shape the culture and environment at all LEARN schools.

LEARN’s culture of respect is expected between and among staff, parents, students and the communities that LEARN serves. Respect is reflected in LEARN’s open door policy, a guiding principle in effect at all LEARN schools. Administration and instructors are always available to talk to parents and guardians. We believe it is the right, privilege and responsibility of each individual to contribute to and work in an environment of trust and cooperation.

LEARN believes that the utilization of data helps instructors and school leaders develop targeted instructional strategies for excellence. LEARN uses school-wide instructional monitoring to ensure that academic expectations are being met consistently throughout the year. Since LEARN provides numerous resources to instructors, instructors are held accountable for student performance.

LEARN is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for our scholars to learn. As soon as a child walks through the door, LEARN promotes a sense of well-being and warmth. A goal at LEARN is to provide a safe haven for children. We aim to provide a place where learning takes place and students gain a sense of acceptance and pride.

In order to prepare students to be successful, we believe that we must also expose children to art, culture, physical fitness and a broader education that encompasses more than core academic subjects. LEARN has partnered and collaborated with many organizations both formally and informally to offer the students that we serve a broad range of activities.

Additionally, under the leadership of our Director of Student Support Services, LEARN employs a team of highly qualified individuals that specifically support the social and emotional needs of our students. LEARN aims to provide an optimal learning environment for all students and remains committed to focusing on the positive development of our scholars. 

LEARN fundamentally understands the importance of partnering with families to fully develop the potential of each scholar. We believe it takes a community- family members, educators, role models and other children- to create and sustain a supportive, productive and engaging learning environment.