COVID-19 Testing Program

We are excited about the in-person return of our students and staff. LEARN is working hard to prepare the safest possible environment for our school community.  As mentioned in previous communications, we are taking a number of important steps to ensure your child’s safety including: 

    1. Making vaccines available to all staff
    2. Mandating mask wearing for all students and staff
    3. Practicing social distancing
    4. Thorough and regular cleaning of our buildings
    5. Increasing the flow of fresh air in our buildings
    6. Strict adherence to good hygiene practices
    7. Daily temperature checks and screener

In addition to these important preventive measures, we have decided to implement a Required COVID-19 Testing Program. Providing a safe and nurturing environment for your child is our number one priority. This testing program is mandatory for all staff and students in grades 1-8 who participate in in-person learning. It is essential that we have high levels of participation from students and staff to achieve our Core Value of providing a Safe & Nurturing Environment.

We have contracted with Northshore Clinical Laboratories, a local company that specializes in COVID-19 testing for schools.  The tests will be collected by trained healthcare professionals during scheduled times at your child’s home campus. The testing process is safe, quick, completely painless, confidential, and comes with no out of pocket costs to you. The collection process includes gently rotating a cotton swab at the inner tip of the nose for a couple of seconds. Results are sent directly to you within 24-48hrs.

Based on our discussions with families and staff, these are the Key Reasons to implement a weekly testing program:

    1. Testing is the most effective way to identify asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19
    2. Not all staff members are vaccinated
    3. There are no vaccines currently available for children
    4. The various vaccines’ efficacy vary and none are 100% effective
    5. The CDC has not made a final determination if vaccinated people can transmit the virus
    6. Universal testing will help protect our most vulnerable population 
    7. Many of our students and staff live in multi-generational households and/or with medically vulnerable family members
    8. The PCR tests are safe, painless and 99.7% accurate
    9. We want to quickly identify and limit any virus spread 

Please see the FAQ Document for more information about the COVID Testing Program here.

Please click here to sign the consent forms for COVID-19 testing.