Student Enrollment


LEARN utilizes one common application for all schools in Illinois. Parents may apply online on the LEARN website via PowerSchool. Parents have the choice to apply to multiple LEARN schools on one application. Upon selection in the lottery (if applicable), parents must choose one LEARN school for their child to attend.  

Enrollment Eligibility

LEARN shall not permit dual enrollment of any student at both the Charter School and another public school or non-public school. Students who attempt dual enrollment will lose their seat at LEARN.

Residency Eligibility

Enrollment at LEARN shall be open to any child who resides within the municipal boundaries of the City of Chicago, City of Waukegan, and City of North Chicago.   All enrollment applications will be subject to verification of residency before a student is considered an enrolled student.  Proof of residency will be required by LEARN during registration. If there are any challenges in providing proof of residency due to living arrangements, please contact the school office for additional resources.

Proof of current address includes, but is not limited to, any two of the following documents:

• Current utility bills;

• Illinois driver’s license or State of Illinois identification card;

• Deed;

• Employer identification card;

• MediPlan/Medicaid Card;

• Voter registration card;

• Court documents;

• Illinois Department of Public Aid card;

• Stamped United States Post Office change of address form;

• Illinois state aid check/social security check; and

• Other identification card issued by a federal or state agency.

Age Eligibility

To enroll in Kindergarten and 1st grade, a child must have reached the age of five or six years respectively on or before September 1 of that year.

Proof of age

Proof of age includes, but is not limited to, the following documents:

• Child’s birth certificate;

• Child’s baptismal record;

• Passport;

• Court document; and

• Medical records

Proof of Good Standing

Prior to completing enrollment, LEARN must receive a letter of good standing from the public school previously attended by the student.  LEARN will request such a letter (Student Transfer Form) upon receipt of enrollment information. Failure to produce this form will result in denial of enrollment.   No student will be allowed to enroll in LEARN without first completing the entire term of any suspension or expulsion from any public school in Illinois.

Grade Placement

Students who were previously enrolled in a private school (including home school), foreign school, Charter School or other school district who seek enrollment in LEARN  are subject to transcript evaluation to determine proper grade placement and also may be evaluated to verify appropriate grade placement proficiency.

Open Enrollment

LEARN is an open enrollment school, open to all students and does not discriminate in the recruitment or admission process on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin, religion, or disability.


Parents must follow the LEARN school enrollment requirements and submit all documentation to be considered an enrolled LEARN student.

Acceptable Forms of Verification:

•  Court papers (if legal guardian) verifying guardianship of both children

•  If a guardian cannot produce court papers verifying guardianship, they must provide medical or dental records proving both children live in the same household.

•  Birth certificates verifying both children share one or more parents/legal guardians.


Parents will be notified via email, letter, and text if their student have been selected in the lottery as described in Section B is completed.



LEARN Schools shall conduct a lottery for a school if, by the date of the application deadline, there are more eligible applicants for enrollment in the school and grade than there are spaces available.

• All LEARN school lotteries are open to the public.

• All LEARN school lottery dates and times will be announced on the LEARN website.

• The only preferences given in LEARN school lotteries are enrolled sibling preference.

• Enrolled Sibling Preference – Any sibling of an enrolled student from the previous school year will be given preference in the lottery. See sibling preference policy below for more detail.

• All LEARN lotteries are random and run by an accredited electronic lottery software.   

• Chicago and North Chicago lotteries will be videotaped and time/date stamped. For North Chicago campuses an invitation to District’s Superintendent should be sent 60 days prior to lottery date. Chicago lotteries will be witnessed by an independent third party and videotaped.

Sibling Preference Policy 

Sibling* preference is given to an applicant whose sibling is currently enrolled at the LEARN school the applicant has applied to attend. An applicant will not receive sibling preference if the enrolled sibling has graduated or transferred to another school.

*Siblings are defined as students who share one or more parents/legal guardians.

Lottery Offers

Lottery results will be announced to applicants immediately after results are made public. Applicants will be notified of offer by email, text, and mail. Applicants will have 7 days to accept. Enrollment instructions will be included in the notification.


•  A waitlist will be established by a computerized system.

•  Students will be enrolled in the order of the waitlist.

•  Waitlist is determined by the number of applicants for each grade minus the number of available seats.In addition to students that have applied after the stated deadline.

•  Once the initial lottery process has taken place, sibling preference is turned off in the system and the waitlist is created.An email is sent to parents/guardians advising them of their application status through their SchoolMint account.

•  Students selected in the initial lottery process have 7 (seven) days to accept or decline their offer.Once the deadline to accept or decline the offer has expired, parents/guardians of student(s) on the waitlist will then be notified to accept or decline their offer via email through their SchoolMint account, text messaging, or phone number on enrollment application.

•  Waitlisted students have 3 (three) days to accept or decline the offer.

•  If no response is received, the offer is rescinded.

•  The process to extend offers to waitlisted students will continue until all offers have been accepted based on availability.

•  The waitlist is contained for the entire school year. If a seat becomes available the parent will be notified based on the contact information they have provided in Schoolmint. Communication will be delivered via email, text, phone call or mail.