LEARN D.C. welcomes Kids Science Labs for hands-on learning 

Earlier this month, LEARN D.C.’s youngest scientists received a visit team from Kids Science Labs, which led the students through a variety of demonstrations and exercises designed to inspire creativity and critical thinking.

“It was amazing to see how enthusiastic the students were and how much they learned in a few short hours,” said LEARN D.C. Principal Shona Person. “I’m especially grateful for the hands-on approach the program takes towards teaching science.”
This type of learning experience helps our scholars achieve our LEARN science curriculum goals. We aim to help our scholars:

  • Participate in and understand the scientific process, which includes developing questions and hypotheses, collecting data, and reporting findings orally and in writing;
  • To acquire a base of knowledge in physical, biological, and earth sciences; and

The Kids Science Labs team visited LEARN D.C.’s K-3 classrooms on Feb. 14-15.


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