Courtney James-Atkins receives the Illinois Psychology Leadership Academy Award

Courtney, LEARN Romano Butler alumni, is currently a Junior studying clinical psychology (with a preference for personality), Spanish, and Classics.

She is interning at Cunningham Children’s Home in Urbana. Working alongside a professionally trained staff, she has gained a lot of experience, including administrative case reviews, permanency hearings, and other mandated child welfare activities.

In addition, Courtney tutors for the America Reads/America Counts program. She works with children in pre-K through 8th grade to help improve their mathematical and problem-solving skills.

In her spare time, she models and creates YouTube videos. She has used her experience to assist students at Centennial High School in “The Black Culture Fashion Show,” helping them with their stage presence and coming up with scenes and interactions.

After graduation, Courtney plans on entering the PsyD program for Clinical Psychology, concentrating on children who have experienced abuse and trauma. Continuing her mastery of Spanish will also be a motivator to provide services for the underserved population that needs bilingual services.

Congratulations Courtney!

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