Kelly Tyson Named IL Charter School Principal of the Year

Kristen Wehmeyer



CHICAGO, IL – LEARN is delighted to announce that LEARN 6 Campus North Chicago | Great Lakes Principal Kelly Tyson is the 2018 recipient of the Illinois Charter School Principal of the Year Award. The annual award is presented to a principal that leads an effective, high-quality school that demonstrates innovation, best practices and results to best serve students and families in the Illinois charter school community. Ms. Tyson became Principal of LEARN 6 in 2013.

“This leader personifies leadership of the quiet kind,” said 2017 Illinois Charter School Principal of the Year Eron Powell. “Kelly Tyson’s power comes from the deep relationships that she has built at LEARN 6 North Chicago.”

Under Tyson’s leadership at LEARN 6, she has led her staff in implementing and owning best learning practices for her students. LEARN 6 is an ethnically diverse K-8 elementary school located on Naval Station Great Lakes in North Chicago, IL. Of the student population, 46.5% are Hispanic, 33.1% are Black, 10.3% are White, 2.3% are Asian, and 5.8% are two or more races; moreover, a majority of the students come from military-connected families. Ms. Tyson understands that demographics play a part in the education of children and has implemented programs within the school’s curriculum to meet the needs of the learners they serve.

“Ms. Kelly Tyson is one of the most tenacious leaders that has led a LEARN school. She has tirelessly led LEARN 6 for the past five years and her commitment to our work and innovative techniques have driven exemplary student achievement for scholars at LEARN 6,” said President and CEO of LEARN Greg White. “Parents and community members see Ms. Tyson as a partner in the education of their children.”

“LEARN 6 recently received the Exemplary School status from the Illinois State Board of Education. This extraordinary accomplishment ranks LEARN 6 as one of the top 10 percent of schools statewide with no underperforming student groups. Additionally, LEARN 6 was one of two charter schools receiving the Exemplary designation in the state of Illinois, and the only elementary charter school earning that designation. We are proud to have Ms. Tyson leading her school in these high levels of achievement.”

Ms. Tyson received the award at an awards luncheon on Thursday, November 15th during the 2018 Illinois Charter Schools Conference. The award comes with a $5,000 prize, which LEARN 6 will use to support programming and classroom essentials.

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