LEARN Charter School Network: Founder’s Fireside Chat

Meeting Student Needs: A Little Bit of Resilience and a Lot of Hope Build the Framework for Better Educational Institutions

by Margaret Smith, Make It Better Media Group

At the forefront of our future is the next generation. In order to prepare them for that future, steps need to be taken now to ensure that their educational and social development is on par. This very notion is the reason institutions like LEARN Charter School Network exist — so says the panel at the June 22 Founder’s Fireside Chat, hosted by Make It Better Media Group.

Speaking from hands-on experience, on the panel was Greg White, President and CEO of LEARN Charter School Network; Nancy Santi, Anniversary Fund Co-chair of LEARN Charter School Network; and moderated by Susan B. Noyes, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Make It Better Media Group.

This year, LEARN — an innovative network of tuition-free, high-performing college prep public elementary schools open to all students — will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. In a nod to how far the program has come, White and Santis shared where the institution is headed and how they aim to continue to meet their students’ needs.

What began as a single school in 2001 has now grown into a network of 4,000 students at 11 different schools — most in the Chicagoland area, one in Washington D.C. and two on military bases. As LEARN grows and seeks to spread its roots, it will zero in on strengthening its core pillars that have brought it overwhelming success thus far.

Watch the Founder’s Fireside Chat video here.

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