LEARN Charter Schools get head start with early return to the classroom

“We are so excited and, as you can see, all our scholars with their beautiful faces are right here waiting to enter this school,” Principal Sharanda Morehead told teachers.

Students greeted their principal and teachers and found their way to their classrooms. Some were a little more excited than others to be back at school.

It appeared that parents were happiest of all.

LEARN Charter Schools serve low-income communities in Chicago, North Chicago and Waukegan.

Educators said students get an additional two weeks of instruction by starting early.

“The North Lawndale community doesn’t get the best rap it always should,” Colby Beach, leader of instruction, said. “Our parents care a lot about education and education is important on the West Side of Chicago as well as our other urban communities in the city of Chicago.

For the first day, students and teachers went over things like safety drills and where to get breakfast and lunch. The rain threw them a bit of a curve.

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