Local Charter School’s Drama Club Takes Production on the Road

This article and television segment were originally produced by NBC 5 Chicago. 

Singing, dancing and acting are all part of what students enrolled in the drama club at Learn 6 Charter School in North Chicago get to do.

The drama club lived up to the name of their show, taking a field trip to perform their “On the Road Again” show for their sister school, the LEARN Herro Family Campus in East Garfield Park.

“I like how I can be challenged to memorize things, learn dances and have so many different ranges of skills,” fifth grader Cameron Wilson told NBC Chicago.

Cameron is one of the leads in the production. He was inspired to join the drama club because his older sister was involved.

Today, Terryn Wilson, who is now an alum of the school, stays involved by doing everyone’s makeup for the show.

“Many of the kids in North Chicago are underserved, and I believe with the drama club, it gives kids an outlet to express themselves in a way they wouldn’t regularly,” Wilson told NBC Chicago.

“It’s a creative spot for me to be myself, “ fourth grader Chaya Harper said. “

“You can also get the hang of not having stage fright, you can get more confident in yourself up on stage,” she told NBC Chicago.

Monique Flowers teaches at the school and her daughter is in the drama club, “I’m just proud of her for coming out and putting herself out of her comfort zone.”

Kathy Levin started the drama club 12 years ago, and said the program has helped give countless students direction.

“You help communities, maybe one at a time, two at a time, you can’t take on the whole community, right? But if we could change 20 lives, those 20 could change 20 more,” Levin told NBC Chicago.

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