Program Highlight: LEARN’s Bachelor of Arts program opens doors for teammates (February 2024) 

LEARN supports our team throughout their career progression, regardless of where they start with us. We recently introduced a program to support educators with an associate degree who are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Program participants who maintain a 2.5 GPA will have 80% of their tuition covered. 

This month, we are shining a light on Desiree Valle, who joined LEARN four years ago and currently works as an instructional aide at LEARN 10. Thanks to LEARN, she is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in math from Western Governors University. Ms. Valle recently shared her motivation for joining the program and how it is helping her achieve her goals.

Why did you enroll in LEARN’s bachelor’s degree program and what impact has it had on you? 

I wanted to earn my bachelor’s but had accumulated debt from earning my associate degree. I’m so grateful that through this program, I don’t have to worry about paying a high amount of loans or out-of-pocket costs; it has given me great financial freedom. I also have two boys that are eight and five years old, so I love going back to school and showing them that you can always keep learning.  

Why are you interested in teaching math? 

I’ve always felt like math has come more easily to me than other subjects. I’ve been at LEARN for the last four years, and I really feel like I’ve been able to help a lot of scholars with their math work. When this opportunity came up, it was a no-brainer that I would go back to teach math. 

What is your favorite part about the bachelor’s program so far? 

Learning along with my students. When the kids are learning about the Pythagorean theorem in class, I can tell them, “If you guys need help, I just learned this in my class, so it’s fresh in my head.” I also am very appreciative of the flexibility. I am able to schedule my courseload around my other commitments – namely motherhood and teaching.  

Interested in finding out more about LEARN’s bachelor’s degree program? Contact for more information. 

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