Student Spotlight: Malik Leslie

Kristen Wehmeyer
Marketing & Communications Manager
Malik Leslie, scholar at LEARN 6 North Chicago | Great Lakes, loved his time at LEARN 6. Here, he talks about his future plans and favorite experiences about his time at LEARN.


How did you choose the high school you will attend?

I chose North Shore Country Day School because I felt that they are more opportune to the school environment that I want to attend. I wanted an advanced school that is very collaborative and interactive. Students have a lot of freedom and trust from their teachers while also having a lot of responsibility. I feel like I would thrive in that environment. Additionally, this school is a local school with high academics so I will be able to be close to my family while also receiving a great education.

What are you most excited about going into high school?

I’m most excited about is being in a new environment of students and scholars. I’m staying with some of my friends but I’m also going to meet new friends. I’ll be able to see a new campus and be in a new city.

Are you nervous about anything going into high school?

I’m nervous about being away from family. But I will be attending North Shore with Ethan Waldman and Alan Plascencia. They are good friends of mine. It’s actually their number one choice for high school as well, and I’m really proud of them.

How did you get into your preferred high school of choice?

When I started, I talked to Ms. Garner. She started providing me with ideas of how to get into those top tier high schools. She also helped me recognize what kind of high school I am looking for and finding the place where our true personalities would fit in.

Ways that she particularly helped me get into North Shore Country Day School was through ensuring that we were constantly reviewing and improving our application essay responses, teaching us good etiquette, and having us participate in mock interviews.

LEARN also helped me recognize what I am capable of accomplishing. I was a leader in the Anchored4Life program every Wednesday, I was Class President of my 8th grade class, and I led in our drama club to help students in the younger classes.  I think these leadership qualities helped me get into North Shore Country Day School.

Where do you want to go to college after high school?

I either want to go to Yale, Princeton, or the United States Naval Academy. They have really low acceptance rates. But by coming to LEARN and having high academics, you have the chance to be accepted to a great high school, which will help me get into a great colleges. LEARN prepared me academically, socially, and behaviorally.  At LEARN, I became very focused and motivated by the teachers. They have a lot of great talents that they share with all of us, which has helped me get into a great high school.

Anything else you want to share?

To whomever reads this, I want you to know that LEARN 6 is the best school I have ever attended so far in my life!


Learn more about North Shore Country Day School at their website nscds.org

To learn more about LEARN 6 North Chicago | Great Lakes, follow their Facebook page HERE.

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